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Base Of Standards

Base of Standards TDS-TECHNICAL contains a database with large assortment of standardized machine parts and steel as well as non-ferrous bars which you can easily choose and put into a drawing, optional in 3D or 2D. It is possible to draw other standardized shapes like holes for bolts, T-slots etc. In the database you can find also fittings and piping, plastic products, welding electrodes, material sheets and other parts.

There are dimension tables, material data, tolerances and/or some other information. For easier orientation it is accompanied with a picture (incl. dimensions).

You can put your own notes to the particular standards. These comments will be displayed together with some other predefined information. In addition to it you can look up standards using the text in these user notes.

If you want to select some part, you can choose it either through a structure of groups and subgroups or through comfortable searching after the name (for instance all the "bearings"). Except for the features, described above, it is possible to use history of the last selected parts.

The program TDS-TECHNICAL offers flexible operation with the database. You can:

  • Work with it to look up information about standardized parts.
  • Select required machine parts or bars that you can easily place into the drawing and store it there.
  • Use the database for calculations and for the bill of materials.
  • Copy selected pictures to the Clipboard and paste them into another document (in MS-Word etc.).


The program TDS-TECHNICAL provides useful calculations such as check and/or design of:

  • Bolted connections
  • Keys and nails
  • Pins and clevis pins
  • Springs
  • Bearings
  • Belts gearing
  • Chain gearing
  • etc.

Bill Of Materials

Bill of Materials The program TDS-TECHNICAL offers many possibilities for creating and editing bills of materials (BOM).

You can use any predefined templates or you can create your own one to meet your requirements. TDS-TECHNICAL has an open interface: you can export all data to standard database files, which can be used in another applications (like DBASE, FoxPro, MS-Excel). The program offers tools for a direct data transmission to the MS-Excel or the MS-Word. You can also export the data via the Clipboard to another applications.

TDS-TECHNICAL can automatically generate the BOM in consideration of the standardized parts placed in the drawing. You can also add your own typed values in the BOM. By creating the BOM the database of standardized elements (where you can pick other items - like welding electrodes) is provided. A BOM prepared like this is quite easy to edit, sort and renumber. The program calculates the total net weight and gross weight. You can add various notes and instructions (for production and/or assembling) to each BOM. Finished BOM can be printed or drawn (incl. frame and stamp-table). There are a lot of options how to adjust these outputs.

When creating a BOM you can use an external stock and/or another database (price lists, catalogs) either as local standard database file or from a network through the SQL. You can pick comfortably required items and put them in the BOM. There are some features for searching and filtering large databases provided.


One of components of TDS-TECHNICAL is also a strong tool for the assembly analysis. With its help you will save your time when processing larger machine units with many groups and subgroups.

The program is able to recognize the relationship between the main group and subgroups. At the same time it checks validity and integrity of the analyzed data. Mutual relations are displayed in assembly tree. The program creates and sorts the lists of all items in the whole assembly merging identical items and calculating the total amount of each item. Like with the independent BOM it is possible to export all items to the standard database file and to use them in another applications. In addition, the program offers you list of the used assembly drawings.

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